Russian President Putin Approves Deportation of Ukrainians without Russian Passports from Occupied Ukrainian Territories

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently signed a decree allowing for the deportation of Ukrainian residents in temporarily occupied territories who had not obtained Russian citizenship. This move is seen as an attempt to further solidify Russia’s control over the disputed regions of Donetsk and Luhansk.

Under the decree, residents of the occupied territories will have until July 1st, 2024, to either become Russian citizens or declare that they do not wish to do so. Those who choose not to become citizens will be considered foreigners and may be subject to deportation. The decree also includes a clause allowing for the deportation of individuals who pose a threat to Russia’s national security.

While Putin’s decree may be seen as a way to further entrench Russia’s control over the disputed territories, it has also been met with criticism. The international community, including the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, has previously condemned Russia’s actions in the region, particularly concerning the deportation and forcible transfers of Ukrainian children.

This move by Putin also comes at a time of heightened tension between Russia and Ukraine, with recent military activity in the region and concerns over a potential escalation of the conflict.

As journalists, it is our duty to report the facts and give voice to those who may not otherwise be heard. It is important to continue to monitor the situation in Ukraine and to hold those in power accountable for their actions.

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