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Conor McGregor, the famous UFC megastar, was spotted in a spirited conversation with Ryan Garcia in the boxer’s dressing room following his KO defeat to Gervonta Davis on Saturday night. The fight between Garcia and Davis was a hotly-anticipated catchweight showdown between two of the sport’s biggest stars. Both boxers put their perfect records on the line, with Garcia being heavily backed as a huge social media star with over nine million followers on Instagram. But Davis, who boasted an impressive record of 26 knockouts in 28 unbeaten fights, went into the bout as the favourite.

The fight promised to be a thriller from the get-go and did not disappoint. Garcia went on the offensive in the second round with Davis only able to go for the clinch to avoid being knocked down. But it was Davis who grabbed the first knockdown of the fight as he managed to recompose himself to drop his opponent with a devastating left hook. Garcia managed to get back up, but Davis took full control for much of the next five rounds before delivering a vicious body blow that clearly hurt the 24-year-old. The left-handed liver punch saw Garcia take a knee before being counted out, handing Davis a famous victory.

There was some controversy heading into the fight over the rehydration clause, which meant the two fighters could not weigh more than 10lbs over the 136lb limit on the morning of the fight. McGregor believes that the rehydration clause gave Davis an unfair advantage and has called for a rematch between Garcia and Davis with no rehydration clause.

McGregor made an appearance in Garcia’s dressing room after the fight where his comments were applauded by all in attendance. “He’s one-and-zero on you,” McGregor said. “You’s are the two biggest names in the division. I wanna see it again. I wanna see it again! And I wanna see it again with no rehydration clause.”

Despite the trash talk between the two fighters in the build-up, Garcia had some kind words for his opponent after the defeat. “I know we talked a lot of trash leading into the fight, but (Davis) knows what it is,” Garcia said. “It’s all love at the end of the day. I was honored to be in the ring with a great fighter and I respect him a lot.”

Overall, the fight between Garcia and Davis lived up to its billing and provided plenty of entertainment for boxing fans. The fact that McGregor has now called for a rematch with no rehydration clause adds an exciting twist to the story and leaves fans eagerly anticipating what will come next in the careers of these two talented fighters.

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