Boxing: Conor McGregor Criticizes Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis for ‘Foolish’ Bet

Conor McGregor has taken to Twitter to express his disdain for the bet placed by Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis ahead of their upcoming clash. The two undefeated boxers have agreed to a winner-takes-all bet on their fight this weekend, potentially risking millions of dollars.

McGregor, who is no stranger to controversial statements and actions, has criticized the decision, calling it “stupid” and pointing out that no fighters have followed through with such a bet in the past. He also noted that luck plays a significant role in fighting and that betting one’s entire purse on a fight is not advisable.

The bet was agreed upon during an Instagram live stream with Twitch streamer Kai Cenat, in front of nearly 200,000 fans. Davis challenged Garcia, asking if he wanted to bet, to which Garcia responded positively. Davis then added the condition that they bet their entire purse, to which Garcia agreed.

Sporting Payouts estimates that Davis will receive around £1.2m ($1.5m), while Garcia is expected to pocket just £280,000 ($350,000). However, these figures are on the lower end of the scale, and it is likely that the fighters will earn far more, especially with potential pay-per-view payouts.

McGregor’s criticism of the bet is not without merit. Jake Paul and Tommy Fury recently shook on an all-or-nothing bet ahead of their upcoming bout, but they never signed the agreement. Fury went on to win the fight, missing out on the opportunity to triple his winnings.

It remains to be seen whether Garcia and Davis will follow through with their bet, but McGregor’s criticism may have given them pause for thought. Regardless, fans are eagerly anticipating their highly anticipated clash, which is set to take place on Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

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